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We are the Solution for:

  • Small Organizations that Value their Women Leaders
  • Large Organizations that Value their Women Leaders
  • All Organizations that Value their Women Leaders

We are the solution for smaller organizations that do not have the internal resources available to train and mentor their emerging women leaders.

We are the solution for larger organizations who want to provide leadership training to many women leaders for the same cost as sending one or two women to more traditional programs.

We are the solution for all organizations who want to attract and retain top female talent.

Online Coaching

Our unique online coaching program is designed to meet the busy demands of today’s professional women. Because the program is online, women can participate whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them. The program is 16 weeks in length and covers more than 50 timely topics facing today’s leaders. Participants are expected to spend about an hour a week engaged in the coaching exercises, questions for reflection, assessments and quizzes.

The coaching topics and strategies presented by Dr. Davis-Ali are things that can benefit women at every level in every organization.

The program is available by invitation only. Contact Susan Davis-Ali, PhD for information about how to purchase membership for the women in your organization.

Endorsement from Thomson Reuters

Early adopters of the Leadhership1 program

Leadhership1 is a great, practical resource all women should have in their personal and professional toolkit. Susan Davis-Ali's expertise, energy and passion for development are infused throughout the program making this a valuable and fun learning experience. The program modules are relevant and simple to follow - with a lot of opportunities for self reflection and ideas for application.

As an employer, I have successfully incorporated this program into a group learning experience. And as a participant, I have personally enjoyed working through the online program. In both scenarios, Susan was a great coach and consultant, providing the right level of guidance, flexibility and creativity.

I encourage others to explore the many options of Leadhership1.

Jennifer Taylor
Vice President, Human Resources
Thomson Reuters Professional Division Technology

Speaking Endorsement

Speaking Endorsement

As the student director of the St. Norbert College Joan P. Schaupp Women's Center annual Phenomenal Woman Week, it was an absolute pleasure bringing Susan to campus.

Susan was enthusiastic, easy to work with, and very eager to participate in everything we had to offer. Her presentation was extremely effective in engaging male and female students and faculty in interesting and informational subject matters ranging from non-linear career paths to time management.

We were honored to have Susan on campus as a phenomenal speaker and an inspirational role model. We would love to have her back on campus again!

Eva Pfoertner