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Dot, NJ

"Although I have worked with several women who considered themselves to be good mentors, Susan has definitely been the best mentor and coach that I have ever had. The advice and feedback she provides is constructive, effective and realistic. Equally important, she is both wise and compassionate in communicating important lessons for developing leadership skills."

Rosie, MN

"Susan has been an awesome mentor and role model. She encourages me to think outside the box and to continually challenge myself."

Ellen, TX

"More than once I have called Susan feeling like I was walking in the organizational dark, doubting my own abilities and feeling overwhelmed. Each time I have come away with fresh insights, new tools, and a renewed sense of humor --which is something I can't afford to lose as senior manager and the mother of two young children. Susan's sociological training gives her a unique ability to see how the structure of my work place creates opportunities and obstacles; her dead-on business instincts help me identify the path around those obstacles so I can reach the opportunities."

Deb, MN

"Susan's strength of purpose and sharp insight make her an effective coach helping me set priorities both personally and professionally."

Jill, MN

"Susan will forever have an impact on my confidence in the leadership that I demonstrate. I found her perspective thoughtful and insightful, and her dynamic communication style was balanced with candor, professionalism, and humor. Susan’s experience and viewpoints continue to help me create and achieve my leadership goals. The opportunity to work with Susan has positively influenced my leadership development."

Vickie, MD

"Susan's ability to balance being a successful business woman, leader, wife, mother and friend has always been a source of inspiration to me. She is grace under pressure and the lessons I've learned from her have helped me in my own career over the years."

Dee Dee, MN

"Susan is a great mentor and leader. She quickly assessed my strengths, coached me in developing my goals, and challenged me to reach and exceed expectations. Without her leadership, I wouldn’t be the confident, professional woman I am today."

Lauren, MN

"Susan is by far the most impressive corporate executive I have ever known. She speaks as the voice of reason and calm determination at the center of any storm."