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List of Coaching Modules

Module 1 – Starting on the Road to Success and Sanity

Overview: This module establishes the foundation for the entire coaching program. It’s the starting point for all members.

  • The first session examines the current research on gender differences in the workplace and discusses how the differences affect today’s working women.
  • The second session examines the current research on women in technology and discusses some specific findings for mid-level women in technology.
  • The third session questions the notion of work/life balance and proposes instead the energizing reality of success and sanity.
  • The fourth session defines success and sanity and talks about why they are important concepts for today’s working woman.
  • The fifth session introduces the Success and Sanity Quiz and concludes with a discussion of how to interpret your quiz results.

Module 2 – Three Simple Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Overview: If you have time to do nothing else this week, read this module. It contains my three most tried and true secrets for greater success and sanity that every working women needs to know. I promise these can change your life!

  • The first session challenges you to utilize active versus passive time management.
  • The second session highlights the hidden secrets of catch-up time for both your personal and your professional life.
  • The third session examines the expectations you have of yourself and proposes the need to reassess them as the demands of your life ebb and flow.
  • The fourth session provides additional tips for success and sanity geared specifically for women in technology by senior women in technology.

Module 3 – The Parable of Phoebe Fish

Overview: Like most parables, the parable of Phoebe Fish is intended to convey an underlying lesson. The fun in reading the story is to let the hidden lessons effortlessly unfold as you enjoy the whimsical storyline that was co-authored with my very own daughter Kate.

  • The first session presents the full length version of the parable. Be sure to read the entire story even if you already read the condensed version that begins on the homepage. There's a lot that the shorter version left out.
  • The second session examines the meaning of the characters in the story and the importance of the pond itself.
  • The third session presents an exercise that examines your own job history and helps you discover what size pond brings out the best in you.

Module 4 – Leadership

Overview: This module contains two sessions devoted specifically to the topic of leadership. Arguably, all the coaching modules contain some information about leadership; however, this particular module examines the topic in more focused detail.

  • The first session presents six common leadership styles.
  • The second session examines 20 top characteristics exhibited by great leaders.

Module 5 – Proactive Career Planning

Overview: This module contains four sessions designed to help you develop a proactive career plan for yourself. The modules include several exercises. I strongly encourage you to record your answers to each of the exercises as it will be very difficult to develop your career plan in Session 4 without documentation of your responses in Sessions 1 – 3.

During this module it will be helpful to remember that your career is more like a marathon than a sprint. Your professional life will go through many phases, and not all of them will have the same pace. There are times in your career when you will walk, times when you will jog, and times when you will run at top speed. Sometimes you will feel in control of the pace, and other times you will feel like the pace is controlling you.

  • The first session begins with a definition of proactive career planning, and then examines the importance of considering both your abilities and your interests when developing a proactive career plan for yourself.
  • The second session presents seven hypothetical career scenarios to help you imagine what your next career move might be.
  • The third session examines the importance of the fit between your abilities and the abilities your organization values in a particular job when it comes to career planning.
  • The fourth session draws upon your responses from the first three sessions to help you develop a concrete, proactive two to three year career plan for yourself within your current organization.

Module 6 – Corporate Culture

Overview: This module contains four sessions that focus on corporate culture. This module continues with the previous theme of finding the best "fit" to enhance your success and sanity. This time we will examine the fit between your personality and your company’s personality which is also known as corporate culture. As before, there is no right fit, no ideal culture for everyone. It’s a matter of discovering the right fit for you.

  • The first session provides an overview of the importance of corporate culture and the impact that your life circumstances and your personal biases have on how you view particular corporate cultures.
  • The second session gives a description of seven of the most distinguishable characteristics of corporate culture.
  • The third session contains the Corporate Career Assessment which compares your work-place preferences to your current corporate culture.

Module 7 – Managing Your Mommy Guilt (Optional Module)

Overview: This module focuses on the unique challenges facing today’s working moms. Whether you’re a mother with a lot of mommy guilt, some mommy guilt, or almost no mommy guilt at all, this module is for you.

  • The first session begins with a welcome to the Working Moms Club. The session presents two truths that nearly every working mom faces, and offers advice on how to handle them.
  • The second session examines two types of guilt and discusses the common sources of mommy guilt.
  • The third session proposes 10 very tangible solutions for managing your guilt that you can begin implementing right away.
  • The fourth session is an optional session for the new moms-to-be. It offers advice on how to best handle your pregnancy (or adoption) and maternity leave with your boss and co-workers.

Module 8 – Five Fundamental Business Truths

Overview: In my experience, there are five fundamental truths in business that are absolutely essential for success no matter who you are or where you work. This module examines each of these five truths.

  • The first session examines the role of integrity in your career.
  • The second session looks at why confidentiality is key to your advancement.
  • The third session explains when attitude may be more important than talent.
  • The fourth session explores the strategic relationship between you and your boss.
  • The fifth session discusses your role in your organization's financial performance.

Module 9 – Lessons Learned from My Biggest Mistakes

Overview: No one looks forward to making a mistake, but we all make them. The good news is that very few mistakes are serious enough to derail an otherwise successful career. I present four of my biggest professional mistakes in this module with the hope that you can learn from them. For each mistake, I present a case-in-point describing the specific details of the situation followed by my top lessons learned.

  • The first session examines a very common mistake - making decisions based on the desire to have people like you.
  • The second session examines what happens when you try to fill someone else's shoes rather than doing a job your own way.
  • The third session examines the difficult problems that can arise when you don't trust your instinct.
  • The fourth session examines the painful lesson of what happens when you let your ego get in the way.
  • The fifth session proposes a 4-step approach to dealing with most major mistakes.

Module 10 – Confidence!

Overview:Confidence is the icing on the cake to all the great work you've done in this program. When we add confidence to the repertoire of leadership skills you've already developed, there will be no stopping you!

  • The first session presents the important distinction between confidence as an attitude and confidence as a behavior.
  • The second session provides specific tips for how to have more confidence in your communication.
  • The third session concludes with a rich compilation of advice from senior women in technology.