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Chapter Previews

CHAPTER 1 It’s Not About Being Perfect, It’s About Being Real

This chapter questions the notion of work/life balance and proposes instead the concepts of success and sanity. It focuses on the differences between being perfect and being real.

CHAPTER 2 Starting on the Road to Success and Sanity

This chapter introduces the concepts of success and sanity that serve as the foundation for the entire book. It contains the Leaderhership1™ Success and Sanity Quiz.

CHAPTER 3 Three Simple Secrets That Will Change Your Life

This chapter outlines three simple secrets that will change your life. It focuses on tips for creative time management as well as strategies for creating greater sanity in your important relationships.

CHAPTER 4 Five Fundamental Truths About Business

This chapter discusses five fundamental truths about business that apply to all types of organizations. It contains quizzes and exercises to test your adherence to these truths.

CHAPTER 5 Making Smart Career Choices: A Reality Check

This chapter presents a reality check – an honest and realistic evaluation of where you are now in your career, and where you want to be 2-3 years from now. There is a quiz designed to help you see how your strengths and weaknesses are perceived by an employer. You are then better prepared to make smart career choices for yourself.

CHAPTER 6 The Parable of Phoebe Fish

This chapter explores the big fish/little pond effect through the whimsical character of Phoebe Fish. This parable gets you thinking about what size fish you want to be in your career and what size pond you prefer to swim in. An exercise is included to help guide your thinking.

CHAPTER 7 Six Degrees of Separation in Organizations

This chapter outlines the importance of your position on the organizational chart. It references the popular game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” to demonstrate how the distance between you and the CEO determines your power and influence at work.

The exercise at the end of this chapter helps you consider which degree of separation in your various jobs has brought you the greatest satisfaction.

CHAPTER 8 Corporate Culture – What’s the Right Fit for You?

This chapter examines an organization’s personality which is commonly referred to as its culture. Seven characteristics of corporate culture are presented including: Communication Style, Leadership Style, Focus, Values, Flexibility, Rewards, and Pace.

The chapter contains a quiz that shows each personality characteristic along a continuum. By examining the characteristics that you value the most in an organization, the quiz helps you determine which type of culture is the right fit for you.

CHAPTER 9 The Linear Career Track – Is It Your Only Option?

This chapter is a follow-up to Chapter 8. It addresses the question of whether or not a woman’s career track always has to be linear.

CHAPTER 10 A Great Job in a Bad Organization Equals a Bad Job

This chapter argues that there is no such thing as a great job in a bad company. It shows how a great job in a bad company almost always turns into a bad job over time.

CHAPTER 11 Creating Your Authentic Career

This chapter examines the notion of what it means to have an authentic career. It emphasizes the importance of considering your interests and not just your abilities in choosing a career that will bring you success and sanity. It includes a quiz to help you identify whether your current career feels authentic to you.

CHAPTER 12 Attitude is Everything During Times of Change

This chapter introduces the concept of job change and discusses the importance of your attitude during organizational change.

CHAPTER 13 Inspirational Leadership

This chapter looks at 20 qualities of great leadership from a female perspective. It reminds everyone that leadership can and should happen at every level of an organization.

The exercise directs you to pick 10 characteristics that you value the most in leaders and compares these to your own strongest leadership characteristics.

CHAPTER 14 Lessons Learned from My Biggest Mistakes

This chapter reveals four of my biggest professional mistakes and the lessons I learned from them so you can avoid them.

CHAPTER 15 Managing Your Mommy Guilt

This chapter is written specifically for working moms. It examines the issue of mommy guilt that will be alive and well as long as there are working moms.

The chapter offers several helpful suggestions that come directly from working moms about how they successfully manage their guilt. There are numerous exercises throughout this chapter.

CHAPTER 16 What’s Being Female Got to Do with It?

This chapter answers the question of what being female has to do with it. It also contains some final thoughts about how you can take action after reading this book.