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I'm an Emma Stone Fan

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I'm a big Emma Stone fan. Not just because she's an adorable and talented Millennial actress, but because she is my college roommate's niece. I’ve been following Emma's career ever since she convinced her non-show business parents that she just had to move from Arizona to Hollywood at the crazy age of 15.

At this point in her career Emma is on the A-list. She's a Golden Globe nominee seated with Brad and Angelina at the ceremony. Her face is on the cover of Glamour magazine this month, and she is number 10 on People's 100 most beautiful people list. Her biggest thrill to date (according to her Aunt Karin) was hosting Saturday Night Live. It fulfilled her ultimate childhood dream. What's your childhood dream? What's your equivalent of hosting Saturday Night Live?

Mine is to be the preeminent career advice columnist in the country. I dream of being "Dear Abby" for working women. Yesterday I got a small glimpse of what fulfilling that dream might feel like when I watched my first blog at USA TODAY College Edition go live. It was such a thrill – like riding the Tower of Terror at Disney World without my stomach dropping.

I checked the blog throughout the day with obsessive enthusiasm. With every positive comment that was posted, I felt more and more like Emma Stone standing on stage at SNL hearing the crowd applaud my opening monologue. It was so much fun! Thanks to Patrick at USA TODAY and all my friends who supported my blog. If anyone is looking for a regular career columnist, count me in!

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