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Most of us send and receive dozens of e-mails every day. The majority of those emails include a closing salutation – a word or phrase inserted right before the sender’s name.

Do you have one closing salutation that you use all the time, or do you have a handful of ones you draw upon depending on the content, tone and recipient of the message?

Do you notice other people’s closing salutations? Can you name the salutation of some of your closest friends or frequent business contacts? You probably can. My friend Amanda ends every email with "Cheers!" It's friendly and upbeat – just like Amanda. I've never received an email from Amanda that does not end with Cheers. It's part of her brand.

My closing salutation of choice is "thanks." I picked it up on my first professional job from a mentor named John. John was senior to me in rank, and I got most of my daily assignments from him. John said thanks for every work assignment I completed, no matter how small.

John's simple "thanks" made a huge impression on me. I could not remember hearing "thanks" very often if at all in the previous jobs that I'd held. I realized how underused "thanks" is in a business setting. I experienced first-hand the impact that a simple "thank you" had on my attitude, and I decided that I wanted to be the type of person who created the kind of positive feeling in other people too. So "thanks" stuck with me, and became my e-mail closing salutation of choice.

I admit there are times when "thanks" isn't quite the right closing salutation for an e-mail. At those times, I tend to use "Regards" or "Warm Regards." "Regards" is what I chose to use in a recent e-mail blast sent to everyone on the Leadhership1 Newsletter list.

The newsletter contained a link to a great article from Marcus Buckingham in Personal Excellence Magazine, and I ended the e-mail with "Regards, Susan." I immediately heard from my friend Rob who called into question my choice of the word "regards."

Rob did not actual tell me why he objected to "regards," but he sent me the following list of closing salutations implying that I choose a different one for future e-mail blasts.

I had so much fun reading the list that I wanted to pass it along.
Who knew there were so many ways to say "My e-mail is done now."


Or should I say


All best wishes,
Always in my thoughts,
As always, with affection,
As usual,
As ever,
Be good,
Be well,
Best Regards,
Best wishes for your future,

Best Wishes,
Bye for now...,
Forever yours,
God bless,

Good wishes, always,
Grace and peace,
Have fun,
Health & Happiness,
Hope to hear from ya soon,
Hope all is well,
I look forward to hearing from you soon,

I hope to receive news from you soon,
I'll be thinking of you,
Just to keep in touch with you,
Keep the faith,
Keep smiling,
Kind Regards,
Kind thoughts,

Later alligator,
Looking forward to seeing you again,
Lots of love,
Many thanks,
May the Force be with you,
Miss ya,
More later,
More shortly,

Most sincerely,
Over and out,
Peace be with you,
Peace & Love,
Peace out,
Peace and Blessings,

Rock on,
Season's blessings,
See ya,
Sincerely yours,
Ta ta,
Take care,

Take good care,
Take it easy,
Talk to you later,
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Thank you,
Thank you for your kindness and consideration,
Thinking the best for you,
Till we meet again,

Until we meet again,
Until next time,
Very truly yours,
Waiting for you,
Warm regards,
Warmest greetings to all,

Warmest Regards,
Wishing you all the best of everything,
Wishing you the best,
Wishing you a safe journey,
With confidence,
With kind affection,
With kindest personal regards,
With warmth,
With gratitude,

With all best wishes,
With love,
With all good wishes,
You're in my thoughts,
Your friend,
Yours truly,
Yours faithfully,
Yours sincerely,
Yours regardless,

Yours most sincerely,
Yours always,
Yours ever,
Yours respectfully,
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I never thought about how I sign my e-mails. In fact many times I don't. I will be more conscious from now on and pick one that suits me as part of my brand.

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